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Find a new SHORE


Organisational Design Leadership & Executive Coaching


Guiding you through what's really there

true transformation

Pathseekers, innovators, waymakers, and enablers of deep systemic change - we help you find new ways that work for you. 

Changemaking, pathfinding, waycrafting for humans. We help you find new shores.

Helping you find & make your way


Every journey starts with a single step. The key is to take another, and another, and pay attention to feedback to modify that journey. We understand that you must prepare correctly; but to truly succeed, your journey can emerge as you go, and be unique. There may be a better path and better goal than you thought at the start; sometimes we have to begin our journey for this to become clear! 

Transformations work best when you don't need to think about the Journey


agility & Resilience

product models

Whether you need to explore or refine Team Archetypes, Product-oriented Operating Models, Business Agility, SDLC, basic frameworks, advanced scaffolding, Executive Coaching, Enterprise Agility, or full cultural and organisational transformations, we can help you find the best path for your organisation or team.

By helping individuals and teams act with appropriate grace and speed, fail safely and learn swiftly, and use Intent-Based Leadership to create decisions where the information is, we help you reduce silos, dependencies, and intermediation which slow and blunt the production of value. 

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Behind our expertise in Agility lies a deep understanding of complex adaptive systems, human interactions, decision-making, strategy and transformation. Traditional structures and practices developed to create order are often not fit for purpose in modern business, and were only ever just good enough at the time. 

Everything is about context.

We can help you find better goals you never even knew existed, how to Sense-make, how to use the skills in your people effectively, and which tools to use where - and when.

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Distributed work

REMOTE / Hybrid / On Site

The future will include on-site, distributed, and fully-remote company environments, and understanding how these work on a global scale will be critical to modern success for a business. 

COVID has hyper-accelerated working-from-anywhere - and to succeed, companies will need to find the balance for each team to work most effectively. 

We are experts in distributed networks who work closely with cross-industry leaders in the field to help you find a direction - distributed, together.

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teaching / coaching

With the ability to not only teach across multiple areas of agility, remote frameworks, complexity, and human learning itself for entire organisational learning structures, but to teach teachers and build sustainable learning culture and structures, we facilitate unlearning of problematic, entrained inhibitors to learning, and the first steps to new learning.

Schools and industries have relied on outmoded learning structures, tickbox certification, and the idea of time = good experience for too long. Isn't it time we found a better way to learn and progress together?

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Meet the founder

Our Team

Finding Shores draws on a wealth of experience across all industries and levels of business, as well as dedicated global thought leadership in multiple fields, and deep industry influence and learning. 

Chris, the Founder, works on the same basic principles: respect, trust, safety, honesty, and collaborative communication to deliver value as a side-effect of excellence. 

strong me
chris bramley

Chris is senior leadership in multiple companies, and is also well-known as a TEDx & conference speaker, multi-genre author, and human learning specialist with deep experience in agility, complexity, and human interactions. His work holistically covers start-ups to enterprise, across a depth and breadth of Organisational Design specialisms - including Sensemaking and mapping, executive coaching and fractal synchronicity, educational structures within organisations, intent-based leadership and team harmonics, and mental health/psychological safety.

Chris works in complex problem spaces, enabling organisations and individuals to inspire human approaches for optimal workflow and engagement, real systemic change, and sustainably support transformations to succeed in the modern world of business.

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