agility & resilience

Product operating models

"Agile is an Attitude " - Alistair Cockburn

How and why you embrace Agile and Agility will depend upon your unique context. They encompass the ability to change, respond, and repurpose what you have within ever-changing context, usually with grace and speed.

We have the experience and qualifications to help you navigate the sometimes interlaced applications of Business Agility, Enterprise Agility, Team agility, SDLC Agile, and the Tools, Practices, and Processes around them all. 

Real Agility carries a deep understanding of the right tools for the right task, and there is never just one tool. If you only have a hammer, everything looks like a nail; sometimes you will need to know when to use a different tool... and where.

Agile is multi-faceted, and it's easy to become focused on tools and metrics over what really matters: the people who deliver the value. 

As mentors, coaches, advisors, teachers, and deeply experienced practitioners within the space, we know the value of agnostic approaches - not just one methodology that we prefer, but a genuinely measured and unique approach using the right tools and understanding for each organisation's individual requirements and circumstances.