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Wherever you are globally, whether you need coaches to guide teams, mentors to impart deep experience, or consultants to advise, finding shores has the skills and knowledge to explore new ways of working with you.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you use Scrum/SAFe/ICAgile/Kanban/Kaizen etc?
We use all of these and more as appropriate to the needs of a client, and have developed many of our own games and interfaces for elements of them.
Are you professional coaches and consultants?
Yes. All of us have qualifications and experience, across all industries and strata of business. In addition, we work together as an exceptional team, specialising in being dropped into an organisation to gather context and catalyse true change in the most beneficial way. 
Do you offer consultancy or employment?
We are a pool of consultants and coaches who can be dropped in and swapped out to cover any instance. We do not act as employees, nor do we employ others, although we may occasionally act in good faith supplying trusted colleagues as subcontractors to fulfil larger contracts.
Who do you work with?

Amongst us we regularly communicate with and work alongside other global thought leaders and industry defining professionals - Heart of Agile, Lunivore, Cognitive Edge, RemoteAF, and many others.