about us

Those who seek paths for others to journey are called guide, tautai, navigator, wayfinder, pathfinder, and more. 

But the concept is far deeper than that; the essence of navigating is the transition of a culture through seas of uncertainty, using narratives in song and story to pass deep information, a deep and constant awareness of the ever-changing context around the boats - winds, currents, clouds, sun, moon, stars, even animals - and constantly adapting, repurposing, and responding to sustain and improve.

Through tautai, Polynesians became the greatest navigators in the world, feeling their way through each emergent, unique journey. Tools were used to prepare and learn, but did not form or constrain the journey; rather, they were used in context as required, and the journey then became the way; the culture was changed and evolved through each journey, and every new landscape became a story of success.


Our story

Finding Shores was founded based upon human, exploratory principles, realising that true change and transformation comes through unique journeys for each organisation. Agility, resilience, the navigation of complex situations, and the deep care of the most valuable assets a company has - its people - have converged their paths to make a true difference to organisations struggling with remote work and the new paradigms within markets that are changing faster than ever before.

Change is not comfortable; it is uncertain, especially in the modern business landscape, but it is also necessary to survive and thrive. It also often happens over time when it's deep, and when we're used to seeing quick results this is also uncomfortable. 

We all love maps, because they tell us where we are; but when the landscape changes, a map is no longer of use and we must find other ways. What we need then is a compass, a direction, and the means to modify our journey as we go. When you're at sea, the landscape is permanently fluid; finding shores will explore these new waters with you, giving you the context-unique tools and methods your organisation needs to evolve and grow - to find your own new shores.