"It's not about arguing over being Remote, Hybrid, or On-Site. It's about building a distributed business model unique to you which works anywhere in any way, so it doesn't matter what combination of them you have." - Andrew Blain, remote:af

As accredited Guides, we have extensive understanding of modern work paradigms that include remote work - and the stresses, overwork, cognitive load and barrage of channels that has resulted. 

It is not enough to simply have remote tools and use them as if we were still physically proximal; understanding and working with the remote paradigm is critical to modern success. The future will include on-site, hybrid, and fully-remote company environments globally distributed, and this will be unique to each organisation. 

As Early Adopters and Beta-testers, earning the title of Navigator, we also work closely and continually with Remote Agility Framework in training and consulting to help all team archetypes adapt and thrive - as teams, teams of teams, and leadership, but with a focus on the individuals to help companies from startup to enterprise work effectively, distributed.

Remote Agility Framework - remoteaf Guide - 2021-01-02
Remote Agility Framework - remoteaf Navigator - 2021-01-02