Sometimes it's less about being an expert with the answers, and more about probing systems and helping you co-create your own answers.

We use Cynefin, created by Dave Snowden of Cognitive Edge, to orient our approach and understanding of organisations as systems and how they can find better uniquely contextual paths. We know that an organisation is not a mere machine, but an organism - an ecosystem, a complex interweaving of systems, culture, and above all, humans. To get the most out of them you need to be adaptive and resilient.

Behind our expertise in Agility lies a deep understanding of complex adaptive systems, human interactions, decision-making, strategy and genuine, sustained transformation. We understand that not every instance of waterfall is bad; that no organisation is the same; that traditional structures and practices developed to create order are often not fit for purpose in modern business. 

OODA, Sensemaking, process, constraints and more are key elements of a compound lens to see within your organisation and truly know where you really are so you can move forward with agility and resilience. Learn how to collaborate, decision-make, communicate, and explore entangled situations with safety-to-fail, hyperfast feedback, and build your own scaffolding for success.  

Ordered systems are causal and must be Sensed, and Categorised or Analysed before a Response. Complex systems are dispositional and must be Probed then Sensed, before being Responded to. The trouble is knowing which is which, and how to transition between the two.